Write it down

Want to own it? Write it down. Said another way, if you fail to plan you’re planning to fail.

I see this necessity too often ignored by those pursuing success in business and marketing efforts. They say their business or marketing plans are well defined . . . in their own heads, that is. This is a recipe for inefficiency, miscommunication, needless missteps, and it often lingers in vagueness.

Keeping a plan in your head is not really a plan at all. It’s just an idea. A plan is thought-out, recorded, revisited and refined over time. And such a document should never be “finished.” It should always be developing, adapting and changing in concert with your business.

Also, don’t go off half-cocked and execute your marketing without a written marketing plan. How are creative professionals going to put their skills to work effectively demonstrating the benefit of your product or service if you’ve not even taken the time to define it in writing for yourself?

I’ve heard stories of business owners refusing to take the time to write down goals or creative parameters, saying to their creative resource, “You’re the creative geniuses. That’s your job.” This is just lazy, and it’s the equivalent of playing a game of craps. Roll the dice and hope you get a winning number.

Don’t handicap yourself or your marketing resource by inexact and hasty ideas of what you’re wanting, who you’re targeting, or what you’re attempting to communicate. Take the reigns – get specific, define your brand, know your customers, your benefit and get it all down in writing. Your marketing partners will thank you, and you will more than likely get a better and more effective creative product in the end.