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Marketing should be strategic,
not creative guesswork.

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Marketing: what has changed in 100 years

Marketing: what has changed in 100 years

This is going to be shocking. Get ready.

The only thing that has changed about marketing in the past 100 years is technology. That’s it. Yes, we now have social media and tweets and followers and apps and branding and re-marketing and analytics and focus groups and ROI and segmentation and customer experiences and digital and… you get the picture. It’s all certainly true. But, what has enabled every bit of it is technology.

My point is this: marketing still boils down to people, not technology. And it’s your choice to either use technology as a tool to better market to people or to use it to your distraction.

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Objective Marketing Solutions

What do our clients have in common? Marketing challenges.

Regardless of industry or customer type (B2C or B2B), we know how to approach your marketing opportunities. Why? We listen. We learn (fast). We ask (the most) relevant questions. And, we think objectively.

What we do: comprehensive strategic marketing plans, integrated marketing initiatives, brand positioning, written brand strategy, brand landscape documents, public outreach strategy, logo/identity & tagline development, promotional campaigns, media plans, marketing research (qualitative & quantitative), strategic public relations, social media campaigns, creative sourcing, design and execution. Simply put, we build teams of talent around the specific needs of our clients. The unifying factor is a strategic, thoughtful approach.


Marketing Strategy + Results.

Our core strength is marketing strategy—committing to marketing with planning, intention and purpose. We believe successful marketing means leaving no stone unturned; nothing to chance. We're strategic planners who are also connected to the final execution. We roll up our sleeves once the strategy is in writing, helping you execute your marketing with a customized network of creative, research, media planning and executional talent. In short, we build and lead marketing teams around your specific needs.

Slipher Marketing was founded in 2003 by Andy Slipher.

Andy Slipher, marketing strategist

Andy Slipher's passion is marketing. He has over 18 years of marketing experience across an array of clients, industries and brands—international, national, regional and local. Andy dedicates himself to enabling lasting, long-term and profitable relationships between clients and their customers. He embraces a media-neutral approach. Strategy comes first, followed by tangible, measured marketing results.

“The strategic process is largely about removing distractions, whatever they may be (product, process, industry, brand, media, tactics),” says Andy, “then making choices—sacrifice. What matters most in any marketing challenge is the customer, a situational problem or opportunity, and the potential for people to be compelled by a promise. That’s how one sells.”

Andy regularly speaks to industry groups and college students about the importance of strategy in marketing. He is the marketing segment lecturer for SMU’s accredited Bank Operations Institute for professional bankers on behalf of the Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT). He is current president of the Dallas Society of Visual Communications (DSVC), and a member of the Dallas Chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF). He has also served on the board of the Dallas Wind Symphony. Andy holds a master’s in integrated marketing communications and a bachelor’s in communications from Northwestern University and DePauw University, respectively. He tweets marketing insights daily, and is preparing his first book based on his strategic methods and experiences.

Notable clients: The Coca-Cola Company, Verizon Wireless, Procter & Gamble, Community Coffee, TXU, Jimmy Dean Foods, Gambrinus Company (Shiner Bock Beer), Guinness/UDV (Captain Morgan’s Rum, Smirnoff), Honda Motor Company, Travelers Insurance, TXI, The Dallas Morning News, Kenosha Area Business Alliance (City of Kenosha, WI), XTO Energy, CalTech, Gehan Homes, Kisabeth Furniture.

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#marketing: Things fall apart naturally…if you don’t hold them together and move forward. Enter: planning.
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#marketing: Avoid making decisions by exception. It’s ludicrous to think your going to light upon an idea that is totally bulletproof.
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#marketing: Visualize a funnel, then build your tactical approach to lead your customers to the point of the funnel—a conversion.
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